Simple, Fun, Learning Activities • Ages 5 Years & Up • Screen-free Fun for Every Day of the Year!

Millie’s Kids is about non-digital activities for every season and every day of the year. Our upcoming books  feature seasonally-based Games, Arts & Crafts, Food, Science & Nature, as well as holidays. Use these activities for big celebrations or quiet times together. A younger child will be able to do only the simplest steps, while an older child may take these activities to the next level. Supervise but allow Millie’s Kids to add their own innovations. Though easy to do and inexpensive, these activities will turn ordinary days into special ones! Click here to stay updated.

“My Granny Millie often had my siblings and me up to her tiny cottage up north. Even without TV, a phone or internet, we were never bored! Millie kept a box of activities to entertain us – including many of the activities here. She handed these down to Jane, my mum. Decades later I handed these down to my three children.”
~ Jen McIntosh

“The most important gifts of my childhood had nothing to do with the digital world and everything to do with Millie’s activities, they opened a world of joyful hands-on discovery to my siblings and me. Keep your kids learning and playing in the non-digital world every day of the year!”
~ Cassandra McIntosh