What Makes Kids Laugh?

A child’s giggle is music to our ears! So what makes them laugh? It varies over time and with their development. Here are some giggles and joke milestones to look forward to…

0-1 Year

Baby giggles at novelty and absurdity! Ripping paper in two, peek a boo, and big people making funny noises, faces, and gestures.

Hit Joke: SquealWho’s a good baby-boo-boo-boo” followed by a good old fashioned raspberry.

2-3 Years

Potty humor, rhymes and surprises are the ultimate comedy routine. Increased control over bodily functions coupled with learning about social norms, also makes for laughs over bodily humor (tickling, chasing, making funny gestures, potty humor).

Hit Joke: Do silly dances together!

3-5 Years

As language is developing, inaccurate word labels and category labels become fodder for many a chuckle.

Hit Joke: “Let me make a horse sound. Oink, oink!”

5-7 Years

The era of the endless knock knock jokes, simple puns, and riddles…humor has taken a slightly more complex turn. Your kid is now laughing at anything with a punchline.

Hit Joke: “Knock, knock.” “Whose there?” “Nana.” “Nana who?” “Nana your business!”


7+ Years

For the pre-tween and tween years, you can look forward to some light sarcasm and (maybe not so light sass emerging). Skills in trolling adults are now starting to bud…think “tide pod challenge.”

Hit Joke: “You’re funny…funny looking!” “Yum, those tide pods look so delicious”. (Disclaimer: DO NOT EAT THE TIDE PODS!)

We wish you many more laughs and fun moments with your kids! Our hundreds of Millie’s Kids activities will help! Find them on the Millie’s Kid’s app or get the books on amazon.com.