Some of the Craziest Baby Gender Reveals

Thanks to science and technology, the days of waiting until the baby is born to know their biological gender are long gone. Today’s parents are finding out far in advance of their birth. How are they revealing the big news? Gender reveal parties! You’ve probably seen these on instagram, facebook, or even in local headlines. It’s the latest way to announce your future baby daughter or son.

This trend, however, can get quite whacky, and even downright dangerous. Take a look at the top 5 craziest gender reveal moments of all time…

• Dad’s reaction to 5th daughter: All babies are blessings! That said, we get that if you’re hoping to have a son after 4 daughters, it might be a shock to welcome yet another female into your crew. This dad’s dramatic response is hilarious. He literally walks the plank. We wish him and his new baby girl well!

• Piñata Gender RevealEveryone loves piñata party! Why not smack your way into finding out whether your new child is a biological he or she. Here Rachel Ray explains exactly how to make this fun game for the big day.

• An Alligator Announces: Um, okay this is one scary reveal…and a bit creepy? Thankfully this type of gender reveal can only happen in certain regions. Ahem Florida man, we’re looking at you. We hope everyone survived!

• It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a BABY!: This family took their good news to the sky and announced their new bundle of joy’s gender via airplane!

• NEVER DO THIS: The ultimate gender reveal no-no is sparking a state fire that cost the government nearly 8 million dollars to put out. We recommend avoiding explosives altogether. The great news that you’re bringing a new being into this world be explosive enough!