Holiday Shopping: These Gadgets for Kids that May Actually Be Useful

Happy holidays! ‘Tis the time to celebrate family, friends, faith, and giving. So, about that last part: what’s on the gift kids for your kids this year? While Millie’s is all about harnessing childhood’s joy the simple, timeless (and inexpensive way), we still can appreciate a well thought out gadgety gift or two.

These area few of the gadgets for kids piquing our interest right now, because they actually seem useful rather than gimmicky.

• Fitbit for Kids

Fitbit recently launched Fitbit Ace, which is much like your typical Fitbit but kid-sized and kid-friendly. It’s designed to give positive rewarding messages for moving, and sync with the whole family’s fit-bits. The idea is intriguing, but we’re guessing it will only be right for certain families. Moving should be natural, and the quantified self concept could stress kids with certain personalities out or backfire. Definitely a gadget to keep an eye on in the future though!

• Walkie Talkies

Kids can take hide-and-seek, capture the flag, tag and other games to a whole new level with good old staple walkie talkies! Little Pretender walkie talkies are child-sized with great sound and a 2 mile radius. Also fun for road-trips with multiple cars! (They’re currently sold out on Little Pretender’s site but you can find them on Amazon, etc.)

• Polaroid (instant-print) Camera

Shake it like a polaroid camera! Instant print cameras allow your child to explore the art of photography in a more careful, selective way than digital cameras because of their limited capacity. They’ll still take selfies, but at least think twice about them given the limited print capacity. Fujifilm’s Instax Mini is a kid-friendly favorite.

• Keyboard (or any instrument, really!)

Does this count as a gadget? We don’t even know. But we do know that research shows learning to love and play music can have a lifelong positive impact on children’s growth and development. Plus, it’s pretty fun!

Your little Mozart can go wild with Vtech’s Record and Learn Studio; not only does it have lessons, but it also encourages them to invent and record their own tunes! (might be time to bust out those ear plugs!)

• Bedtime Code Clock

This one is a welcome gift for Daddy and Mommy as well. Bedtime code clocks are kid-friendly devices to help your kid know when it’s time to stay in bed or wake up. MELLA by Little Hippo is a true rock star clock. It’s no surprise that it was created by kickstarter, because any parent can use some help with getting kids to fall and stay asleep.

MELLA makes it easy for kids to understand when it’s time to play, wind down, be in bed, and wake with playful expressions and colors. It also features an alarm clock, sleep sounds, a nightlight, and a nap timer. Truly a genius gift for parents and kids alike!







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