Weird Mysteries of Parenting, Explained By Science

Behold the power of DNA! As any parent knows, it’s incredible to see how nature unfolds in guiding our children’s creation and development. Take a look at these 5 seemingly bizarre yet commonplace parts of the parenting experience, and the biological explanations behind them.

  1. Morning Sickness:

    Ah, the dreaded “morning sickness” in the early months of pregnancy…”Morning Sickness” refers to nausea, stomach pain, and even vomiting for moms to be. It typically hits between weeks 4 and 16 of pregnancy. The good news? Morning sickness may actually a blessing in disguise; experts suspect it guards the fetus from Mom consuming harmful toxins and foods during the particularly vulnerable early months.

  2. Baby Babble: 

    Wondering why your baby is chatting away to themselves? The first few years of life are critical times for language development, and babble is the foundation to this. Fun fact: babies actually babble in different languages! After age 2, we can learn second languages, but more often then not, being truly fluent in another language requires exposure before then. Take advantage of this crucial period in your child’s development and expose them to multiple languages, preferably in person (via family members, caretakers, etc.) or via media (radio, podcasts, games).

  3. Daddy Brain: 

    Evolution favors fatherhood and parental investment, so it’s no surprise that a budding number of studies show that new Dads tend to be more committed and less likely to be unfaithful or seek divorce. Thanks Dad!

  4. Baby Talk: 

    Find yourself talking in a high pitched, exaggerated manner to your child? Great job! You’re right on track, evolutionarily speaking. Little ones respond best to high pitched, sing-song style communications. In clinical speak, this is known as “Child-directed speech” (CDS) or “Infant-directed speech”. So, pat yourself on the back for being way ahead of the clinical curve with those coos and squeals!

  5. Grandparent Love:

    Alas, something we at Millie’s Kids have known all along: grandparents and grandchildren are a match made in heaven! A growing amount of research supports the role of grandparents in helping our little ones develop social skills and even live longer lives! Some even theorize that grandparent involvement might be the driving factor behind menopause. Google it! (To get you started: New Evidence That Grandmothers were Crucial for Human Evolution).

All in all, science is starting to shed light on our natural instinct for raising happy, healthy, holistic children, and our natural instinct to build loving, multi-generational families. If you’re concerned about your child or have another parenting issue, reach out to experts. OT’s, pediatricians, childcare providers are good places to start.