3 Ways Halloween Helps Kids Learn & Grow


Boo! Halloween is quickly coming upon us yet again. Bring out the treats, the scares, and cavities (well, hopefully not!). We all know halloween is a yummy and exciting time for kids. But it it is also a lot more than that.

Here are 3 ways that Halloween helps kids learn and grow:

  1. Halloween spurs imagination, creativity, and fantasy: This is a given, as any parent or teacher who has watched a halloween parade knows. Halloween is the perfect opportunity for playing make-believe with costumes, pumpkins, and other spooky ventures.
  2. Halloween provides practice of social skills: Nothing like donning a costume and soliciting strangers for candy to bring even the shyest child out of their shell! Trick-or-treating is the social opportunity and event of the season for little ones.

  3. Halloween inspires ambitions for the future: How many little firemen/women and astronauts have you seen marching around this season? Halloween costumes provide the perfect opportunity to get kids thinking of what to do when they grow up!

Happy halloween, Millie’s Kids! We have some wonderful halloween & fall activities available in our upcoming books and games.

* We wish you a safe and fun night! CDC has some safety tips to review before you head out there trick-or-treating.