Hilarious Quotes from Gen Z Kids That Show Off the Generational Tech Divide

It’s said that thanks to technology, generation gaps are getting wider, and generations are getting closer together! In other words, the drastic differences between 15 versus 35 in the 1980s, are now more similar to the differences between 15 and 25!

Here are 21 hilarious real-life quotes from kids that prove it:

  1. “My book is broken! It won’t zoom in!”
  2. “Why do you call a hashtag a pound sign”?
  3. “Mom, can you show me how to download a snack?”
  4. “What’s hang up the phone?”
  5. “Where does the stamp go?”
  6. “I wish Suri were my Mom.”
  7. “I want to delete my little brother!”
  8. “I don’t need to go to Sunday school because there’s an app for it!”
  9. “Aol? Like LOL?”
  10. “When I grow up, I want to be a youtube Star.”
  11. “I want to trick or treat online instead!”
  12. (sees floppy disk) “Woah! Someone 3D printed the “Save” icon!”
  13. “My address? Oh it’s noah…@gmail.com”
  14. “Swipe left on broccoli. Hashtag dessert time.”
  15. “I can’t hear you!!!! No signal no signal.”
  16. “I can’t open the door until you guess the captcha correctly.”
  17. “I can’t see in my closet. Put on a different filter for me!”
  18. “But I don’t need a nap! I still have lots of battery left!”
  19. “Mable, mable, if you’re able, no more tablets at the table.”
  20. (hears land line dial tone) “What’s that noise?”

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